Spire Healthcare

Project details: With 42 sites around the UK, Pi Group worked alongside the Spire appointed architects to run user groups and host manufacturers mock ups to finalise the furniture, fixings & equipment for receptions, patient rooms, consulting rooms & specialist areas.

This guide has been issued to all sites to follow. However, we recognised the difference in the site location demographics, budgets & specialisms and proposed a ‘Gold, Silver & Bronze’ furniture schedule for issue alongside the architect brief.

This enables Hospital Directors and their teams to ‘Mix & Match’ from four options, rather than just the proposed one, giving staff flexibility whilst still ensuring product suitability and maintaining brand strength.

Services provided: Consultancy, audits, furniture evaluations, furniture tours, budgeting, upcycling, planning, design, furniture procurement, project management, delivery, installation

Project links: youtu.be/TuLT7N7uoE, youtu.be/EALRIXjBy98, youtu.be/c8X2A6CQGw4, youtu.be/mrPq3-Upipw