Project details: Atkins SNC Lavalin have offices located throughout the UK and Europe. Whilst each space has its uniqueness, it also conforms with the company design standard that was developed to ensure that Atkins sites are recognisable and user friendly. Since our appointment as a key supplier, Pi have worked closely with Atkins to develop and improve their FF&E offerings in regard to CSR values such as sustainability, becoming carbon neutral, being a fully inclusive workplace and keeping ahead of the trends in relation to post Covid office expectations. We have helped to consolidate numerous warehouse facilities and been successful in reusing hundreds of pieces of furniture throughout the Atkins estates. We work with the Project Management teams to deliver everything from one chair to million-pound projects in a proactive, responsive, and agile manner ensuring that all aspects of project delivery are taken care of in a highly skilled, professional way. Spaces completed so far include: receptions, townhalls, collaboration and focus zones, meeting rooms, wellbeing additions and a variety of agile workspaces to suit each site.

Services provided: FF&E Consultancy and procurement, samples testing, staff and site surveys, budgeting, logistics planning, delivery, installation, ongoing service, audits and stock management, home working solutions, storage facility, reuse and recycling, inclusivity driving.